For over a decade Magnum has been providing highly technical solutions for primary and remedial P&A cementing.  Our dedicated team has the knowledge and capabilities to create exceptional solutions and slurry performance for our clients.

Magnum's experienced crews and reliable equipment can comfortably handle primary work greater than 19,000 ft in depth.  We have extensive experience in conventional and non-conventional primary cementing as well as specialized service designed for EOR (Enhanced Oil Recovery) 



At Magnum, we lead the industry through innovation by design, assembling and maintaining our own equipment.  It is one of our core strengths as a company.  We believe in providing our employees with the best possible equipment to ensure safe travels and reliable service. 
Our Research and Development team is constantly looking for ways to improve our equipment and its technology.  This has provided us the technology needed to support our customers with the evolving oil and gas industry.