Approach and Philosophy

Our Goal

Magnum's goal is to provide a service that goes beyond our customer's expectations through constant innovation and reliable, honest communication. To accomplish this goal, Innovation and Continuous Improvement must be driven in every corner of Magnum's organization.  Research and Development is the responsibility of all Magnum employees, at all levels. 

We Strive To

  • Be innovative, creative, and resourceful

  • Think outside the box

  • Communicate ideas with customers, researchers, and users

  • Apply technologies where needed

  • Stay committed to innovations

  • Question the old way of doing things

  • Reduce environmental impact.

Kelly Soucy,
VP Business and Research Development  

What We Believe >

Research and Development is INNOVATION and lives by striving for CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT with every task at hand.

Research and Development 

At Magnum we have been praised for our ability to offer efficient and innovative solutions for our customers.  Our company quickly adapts to market demands and fluctuations by creating cutting-edge technologies.  Magnum's Research and Development team continuously improves and expands our product line to offer clients a wide range of customizable solutions.  Our blends, technology, and equipment are developed exclusively for the North American market.

We provide our customers with the highest quality cement products by using the newest materials and technology available on the market.  Magnum works closely with chemical suppliers and manufactures to develop and/or modify fit-for-purpose technologies that meet the demands of today’s oil and gas fields.  

Environmental Initiatives

Technologies focused on protecting the environment have been implemented and continue to be a focus of today’s initiatives.  At Magnum, we have taken blend development to another level by making it our inherent practice to ensure our cementing additives and cement systems are compatible with each other.  This allows greater flexibility with job designs and the ability to reuse and recycle unused product that has already been blended, therefore minimizing or eliminating waste of additional raw products.